We Need to go Deeper is a multi-player submarine rogue-like set in a Verne-inspired underwater universe. Deeper is Deli Interactive's first major commercial project, and has been in development for the past year and a half. We have been hard at work on this, and we believe it will be something truly special. We set out to make something that is a blast to play with your friends, and when we finally release it out to the public, you folks can tell us how successful we were.

Made in 7 days for the Public Domain Jam 2, Lair of the Morlocks puts you in the shoes of The Time Traveller from the H.G. Well's classic: The Time Machine. In Lair of the Morlocks, you must showcase the power of wit over brawn by using the environment to outsmart your Morlock foes and retrieve your stolen Time Machine! Certain platforms and rocks can be destroyed with your handy torch, and their debris may find many uses in these dark caverns!

Twigs was made in 48 hours as part of Indie Speed Run 2013. In Twigs, you must help two beavers gather wood and build defenses to protect themselves from the hordes of predators that come for them every night.