Bells of the Jingle and Taco Variety

Posted by [email protected] on December 15, 2015 at 4:30 PM

So despite our college-ing pretty hard recently, some cool stuff has been happening recently with the Deli Interactive team. Not the least of which deserves a little announcement of its own - that being that We Need to Go Deeper was selected as one of 20 winners of the Taco Bell Indie Game Garage! Woo hoo! 

So what does this mean? Well, aside from Taco Bell supplying the Deli Interactive team with $500 in Taco Bell food fuel, we're also getting access to a cool secret indie society forum full of other Taco-worthy devs along with Jessica Chobot of IGN, members from the comedy group Rooster Teeth, and Twitch streaming heroes Swiftor and Jericho!  We'll also be able to start posting blog posts directly to the Indie Game Garage blog. This is a pretty awesome opportunity for us, as hopefully it will help get We Need to Go Deeper out in front of the eyes of yet more people! 

The link to the official site is here:, so be sure to go and check us out there as well as some of the other winners!  I've talked with quite a few of em already, and they're a great bunch of devs all making extremely awesome games. We're all still trying to sort out the official blog so it's admittedly pretty bare at the moment but pop by here and there and hopefully you can start having a handy place to keep track of all these taco-worthy indie games.

Speaking of official websites, we have a new one now! WENEEDTOGODEEPER.COM is hip and jive and LIVE!  Come one come all and witness Nick's college HTML coding experience at work. But seriously, if I do say so myself I think it's pretty rad and certainly way better looking than our previous one. It also features a PRESSKIT page, which is designed to be a handy source for those who want to talk about our game, with video links, official logo and image downloads, background, basic info on the game etc.

So check it out and let us know what ya think! I'm not the best web designer in the world, but hopefully this will make visits from people who want to learn more about our game more easy on the eyes. 

Oh, and to justify my pun title here, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Deli Interactive! Have fun doing Holiday stuff and freezing your buns off this winter.  Unless you live in a warm climate, in which case enjoy basking in your beach holiday, you lucky duck.

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