The Engine Overhaul

Posted by [email protected] on December 12, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Hey folks, so some people may have noticed that we have somewhat recently changed our release date from Winter 2014 to a sort of vague estimation somewhere around Mid 2015. Well, we've been meaning to explain some of the reasons behind this decision, but honestly have been in such a heads-down development state that we haven't yet gotten the chance to. So here's a post explaining a bit about what's been going on with Deeper development.


In a nutshell, we ran into some size limitations with our previous engine Gamemaker Studio, that proved to cause a lot of trouble with the build, making it unstable. After working our butts off trying to optimize the game as much as we could without sacrificing what we considered essential elements, we decided it would be best if we switched to a new engine. We've run into several similar problems with the engine along the way, but these last problems (networking issues and data leaks among them) proved themselves to be insurmountable if we wanted to deliver the game as we envisioned it.


So we made the difficult decision to switch to Unity, which has a pretty steep learning curve. Basically, anything that was easy to do in Gamemaker winds up being pretty difficult in Unity, but the things that Gamemaker made difficult for us (like dynamic animation, which had to be coded by hand) Unity has nifty features like Mechanim to help streamline. Allowing us to significantly shrink the size of our game's memory, and thus allows room for a higher number of animations for our game world within our budget constraints. Additionally, because this requires a bit of an overhaul with the way some of our base systems work, we've been able to approach this new build with features that would otherwise take too much time to implement before in mind. Features like controller support and split screen game modes are now back on the table as we consider ways to implement them right from the start as we work on rebuilding the game's features and structures.


Needless to say, as with any engine switch, this switch will cost us some extra time initially, but we hope it will help us bring an even better product to everyone. As you can see from some of the above posts, this switch also certainly hasn't stopped us from overhauling assets and polishing the things we had before now that we've had experience testing out many of our game's features. So design work and other tasks are still in a very forward-moving direction as we work to rebuild what was there before but newer and shinier. Bottom line: we need more time, please don't hurt us.

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