Meet the Team!


When Jordan Farr isn't cracking spines over his knee, he's making games. When he isn't making games, he's working hard in a lab, probably finding out new and exciting ways to crack people's spines over his knee. 

It's amazing what designing and coding games can do to your brain, and Jordan Farr is living proof that game designers are the leading cause of death by spinal fracture. Well, that and car accidents.


Nick Lives spends most of his time huffing glue and rethinking every decision he's made in life. Nah, just messin' with ya, he huffs paint. As a matter of fact, as the lead artist behind Deli Interactive, Nick Lives insists that every asset involve the usage of lead paint in some way, shape or form. 

When questioned about this by his team members, Nick Lives will usually respond by knocking over his teammate's laptops while screaming "RE-CODE! RE-CODE!" Failing that, Nick will just huff some more paint.


In between writing hot code for games and flexing his intelligently written thigh muscles for ladies, Ryan "Bit-Kruncher" Farr spends most of his time glutin', shootin' and lootin' in Rockstar's latest hit game, Grand Theft Auto V. Critics all over the internet are going rock-steady for Rockstar's latest crime-jacking simulator. 

Game X-pert Ryan Farr says, "It's a rockin' good time! I love it most when the blood spills realistically out of the bodies when I hit them with my car!" Ryan Farr is also currently under house arrest for car-jacking and some lite murder.


Composer David Johnsen was found by the side of the road one day, and never left the team's sight since. He currently resides over the bedsides of every team member simultaneously, ever watching. Ever breathing.